Friday, October 21, 2011

ThNR Report

Tom, Gavin, Steven, Giles, Chaz, Curt, Albert, James, Steve, Mike and I rode a healthy pace around town.  It was good.  Myron met us at the bar where Minutes included: Southern Cross... Tom winning the coveted Pioneer Meat jacket, Fat Craig impressing and shaming, ¾ Pact approved, the incredible pictures (esp ostrich cross) and video, races within the race, front page coverage in The Echo, and good times in general.  We also discussed an ABES spring retreat, creepy single-guy christmas card pictures, the little chihuahua campground, a Remembrance Day race at the Wiebe barn, Movember is ON, Fatbike Cross, Duke was looking at a “Largo” (italian for slow) bike, two colony cuties stunned us, local cop pepper sprayed a rubber rat, burning the grass on the hill on earth day, strong coffee v weak people, young or old – if you wear a diaper you can say whatever you like, working O.T. for J.C., ABES to sponsor Jeff Stoughton, killing cats, and the Southern Cross spanking machine.  Good times.  

Next week: Homemade jerky and homemade cheese!  So nice.

Chaz took some pictures at Southern Cross too.  Here is one of my favorites. 

3/4 of the cross pact - a "sore back" kept the Duker from living the dream 


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