Monday, October 17, 2011

Southern Cross Memories

Thanks to all that helped make Southern Cross 2011 one of the finest races we've ever put on.  A great community effort!

Memorable moments from Southern Cross 2011:
- the whirl aka spiral of death
- the wind (boo) and the sun (yaa)
- smiling faces crossing the finish line
- the narrow A race finish
- the Athena goddesses
- spectacular crossings and spills in the sandpit
- the sea of ABES at the start of the Open race
- the support from the Town dudes (permission, Steven, David, Mayor McSausage burger, Gator, stakes, pylons, barriers, etc)
- reusable, plastic stakes - thank you and more please
- people helping take down the course (some without being asked)
- Sandra Carr looked great in her first race
- throwing up before the race
- Dwight throwing up during the race
- Colin Antaya being funny, generous and surly as usual
- registration is stupid, volunteers are awesome
- Brad being extra happy and talkative
- Luc rolling down the hill
- Clydesdale wins
- beer, chips and chocolate milk
- Unger won my Brooks saddle (like a jerk)
- race results posted in 4 hours - nicely done Gavin
- 157 158 registered riders - really!  Not the biggest of the year but the biggest for Rocktona

Here is my photo collection of the day...

More photos available on the previous post and if you look for them around the interwebs.

Good times.  JS

Clydesdale Shaun Dyck submitted this report for validity...

Evidence of my fatness should be attached.
Of course it was another fucking awesome Cross race.
From a fat man who is less fat and smoking less because of ABES (but drinking more beer)

Many Thanks.


  1. Good times indeed. Thanks for another awesome event!

  2. Thanks ABES and Johnny!! Freaking awesome course!

  3. I was a great day. Glad you enjoyed the course. It was nice to see you and your entire family come to Altona, race and win draw prizes. Cross is a great family friendly activity. JS

  4. "Brad being extra happy and talkative"?

  5. Shaun if you took the rocks out of your pocket there's no way you'd be 200 lb you cheater! JD