Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Southern Cross is brought to you by...

The town of Altona has given us permission to use their beautiful park and have provided some stakes, cones, as well as mowing, trimming and their general blessing.  Mayor Mel Klassen has once again agreed to barbecue the farmer sausage.  Sweet!

These two hosers (Bruce Penner and Curt Falk TOEWS!) are the brains behind Back Alley Cycle.  They kicked in some cash to ensure ANYBODY could race.  Thanks brothers!

Bunge likes bikes.  They support the Head for the Hills bike fundraiser for Eden and have kicked in cash and prizes ensuring everybody can have a safe and enjoyable race. 

Altona's sausage czar, Scott Penner delivers all the fresh sausage anyone could want.  It's so good.  They will once again provide all the hot meat we need.  They are also featured on the back of the ABES jersey. See you at the races Scott?

Access Credit Union sponsors local goodness including Southern Cross and we loving it!

We are lucky to have all the support that we do.  I appreciate what we have.

Tonights Cross Lab was good fun.  Thanks to all that came.  JS