Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day - and stuff

Happy birthday Jonny!  G can usually be seen having a good time.  He brings the party with him.  That's how he rolls.  Happy birthday brother.

G is a happy guy.

Secondly - can you smell what the Koop is cooking?

Sweet Cheryl Koop is experimenting with some new recipes these days which has resulted in some very tasty bread.  Winners at the AWBF may be lucky enough to win a loaf of the good stuff.

Thirdly - lets get more ladies roller racing this year.  Less spectating, more spinning.  The more the better.


  1. Happy B'Day G! I must say I cannot recall not seeing you without a smile on your face :-)

    If I can sitch my sched, I'll get down to AWBF ... looks to be a bag of fun (or at least a loaf!).

  2. Happy B-day JG! I'll make sure to provide you with a cold bubbly beverage Saturday night, hopefully celebrating your awesome roller-racing victory coupled with a UNC win!

  3. Thanks frienders.

    getting old is awsomer than a hoof through the slats.