Sunday, March 6, 2011

The ABES Winter Bike Festival Review

The ABES Winter Bike Festival took place and it was good.  Bruce showed up with his new unicycle and proved he was about to unleash a bucket of bike skillz all over our festival.  Evan revealed his new cross bike.  His upgrade from Super Cycle to the Jamis Super Pro is going to make him very happy.  The ride around town was fun and included climbing attempts at the hill.  Cindy was the female climbing champ and Bruce took the male honors with his south side efforts.  Evan won best wipeout with a nice flip-crash on a climb attempt (his bike is fine).  The Bunge Sprints were dominated by Paul K who killed it (I hope you took home a prize?).  Cheryl took the Ladies sprint title.  The cage match knockdowns were surprisingly dominated by first time AWBF'er Marguerite - even though she did not fully understand the rules, she continued to dominant round after round.  Marguerite also won the best female wipeout with her spill that took place while we were all standing on the street.  My fixie pwned the slow race.  Gavin took the freewheel slow race title and Shaun took the silver medal.  The eXchange knockdowns were won by many but Curt flexed his muscles early and made an impact on the games with some dominant take downs.  Gavin constantly knocked me off my bike and had an impressive double takeout when he pushed me into James, knocking two down with one move.  Well done.  Nobody had the stones to challenge James, the skid king.  His reputation for skid domination intimidates us all.

Erick brought his roller racers to the pulpit to make us grimace and grin.  Cheryl took the women's roller racing championship winning all of her races.  Bruce took the mens title with a win over Chaz.

There were some great races, surprising/impressive results, a dead-even heat between Cindy H and Marguerite, and a relay race with "pre-porn" drinks that was epic.  It was a great day to be Bruce.

The post race rink-dogs/buffet hit the spot.  Erick let anybody try riding the rollers on two wheels.  Chaz and Paul seemed to love it.  James was a natural.  It freaked me out.  There were crashes and broken spokes to show for our efforts (sorry Erick).  Julia, Duke, Leo and Dan were late shows but joined us at the exchange soiree.  

The Tar Heels won.  Again.  

Thanks to all the folks that helped make this a great day: DSwat made all the rink-dogs, Paul, Evan, and David made the audio/visual a reality, Cindy and Ben led the clean-up in the kitchen, Curt took the relay race video (best video ever), BAC for sponsoring the Festival, everybody who brought delicious food and Shaun for his beautiful pottery contributions.  I thought the day was awesome.  JS  


  1. Uhhh, who broke the spoke? I, uh, took a few unelegant (uncontrolled) dismounts during the roller trials. Am I the guilty party?

    And thanks a lot Johnny for keepin' on, keepin' on. You lead and inspire us (and on occasion that's annoying!)!

    Great times!

  2. I am still on top of the world! (I beat Paul). Thanks Johnny.

  3. No worries PK...I witnessed Albert as he took a near header off the left side of the rollers. The spokes were the only casualty.

  4. Looks like some good times in Altona. I could not get my schedule changed, so no trip to AWBF this year. Next time for sure ...

  5. Another classic relay finish..... Just when we thought it was a wash.......

  6. The relay was hilarious - a personal highlight of the day. Curt did a great job with recording the race and adding the running commentary.

    Thanks for bringing out the rollers, Erick. The ABES loved it. JS