Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

Steve, Shaun, Dan, David and I cruised the local  hotspots.  The mild temperatures of the day made for slippery road conditions at night.  We revisited the Elmwood mountain bike park, a sheen and scary pond, and were forced to hike our bikes over the larger drifts on the trails.  When we met Duke we realized how dehydrated we were and decided to adjourn to the clubhouse.  Tom joined us for the meeting where minutes included: Sweet Action will need to wait until next year to win the Altona curling club chapmionships, the ABES jersey sample size kit is coming, Steve’s $600.00 tire rim win, zombies (they are so IN right now), daddy skills, the Super-Happy-Fun-CFL pool needs a new leader, home protection plans (guns), the awesomeness that was the AWBF, David texted innappropriate messages to Steve’s girlfriend, day old rink dogs, Bruce has bike AND beer skills, the fender blender, the forgotten chilli prize, Los ABES, mennonite logic, the Tar Heels solid game agains the blue devils, Jesus Loves Me was sung by a group of merry men playing pool, Chumlee, cigarette smoking races, SaWTFzky always gets what he wants - congratualtions, and the potential brilliance of ham jerkey; jerkeyologist, Tom D to investigate?  Good times.  JS

Steve prepares to cross the pond of death
nice headlights 

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