Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

James, Chaz, W, Albert, Shaun, Duke and I went for a ride.  It included a few wipeouts that will produce aching hips and knees in the morning, a sprint down Bunge Lane that was won by Alberto, and James was pronounced world champion of the world of the ice skid; will anybody knock him off his high horse and take down the skid king?  Maybe a new challenger will emerge at the AWBF to end his reign of terror.  We concluded the ride at the clubhouse where we were joined by Steve, Paul “key party” B, and David “hot head” Sawatzky.  Clubhouse minutes included: the sweet tunes/volume level, a sneek peek at the latest ABES jersey and hat, history seekers/promise keepers, curling club championship - quarter finalists, rink dogs, Hartford Whalers jerseys, the AWBF home-baked prizes, Pole Vaulters new bike, ManXena and cerebral Paulsy, overdressing on a bike and underdressing in a tent, The book of Doug (and the slugs), Shauns leather bar wraps made from old leather jackets from the MCC thrift store, STEVE EARL, The Hut is open, Bob Dylans ex-girlfriend is ex-alive, a boy named Souix, and Pastor Dan has crashed – doggy style.  Good times.  JS

James being officially sworn in to ABES
Albert did not fall = win!
Hand cut, sewn, and braided leather wraps.  Impressive work Shaun.

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