Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABES updates

March is a promising month because it signals the tail end of winter AND Back Alley Cycle opens its doors on a daily basis (except for this Saturday when they will close the doors to enjoy the AWBF - nice).  I stuck my nose in the shop this afternoon and was very pleased to see that a certain pole vaulter finally decided to unbox his California treasure.  Curt happily put the bike together and produced this beauty...

March Radness continues with the ABES Winter Bike Festival - the only scheduled roller racing event in the province.  This is good as we’ll be able to lay claim as the biggest roller racing event in Manitoba!  GO ABES! 
After the mens, womens and youth sprints are complete we will throw our names in a hat and vie for the Team Relay championship which will look a little something like this...

The honor of winning the relay race is the roller racing equivalent of winning the gold medal in hockey at the winter olympics.  Big time stuff. 

Also...I bought an ABES team jacket today.  "Let peer pressure be your guide." Jeff Loeppky