Friday, March 25, 2011

ABES TIme Trial Results

Bruce has done a lot of winning lately.  First, he dominated the roller racing events at the AWBF, then he continued his stranglehold of gold at the ABES time trials.  After racing 18 km’s, Bruce squeaked out a narrow 5 second victory over Mike.  Gavin showed up and took home the bronze with his bicycle prowess.  Newcomer Evan just missed the podium but showed that he and his new bike are going to be a future force of terror.  Shaun got roughed up when he fell on a gravel corner and Paul selected the one lap race off the menu with a side order of cortisone.
ATT v1.0 results:
Bruce – 36.45
Mike – 36.50
Gavin - 38.45
Evan – 39.00
Myron – 40.40
Ben – 41.20
Curt – 42.00
Dan – 43.20
Tom – 46.40
Wolters – DNF
Shaun – DNF
Good race boys - well done. 

ATT Champ

Mike's silver lining: silver

Duke set an impressive pace

D'Shaun fell on his bottom

Evan rocking the Jamis

It must be the new shoes

Clubhouse minutes: Evan’s new mtb shoes (welcome Evan), W’s new road shoes, James refuses to buy shoes worth more than his bike, Dan and Ben have to work good Friday (suckers), Duke is sniffing out a new cross bike, MCA citizens license, the cross pact revisited, the mesh crop-top bike jersey, water drips in Dukes garage, the immigants, BBQ and shingle cargage from the last storm, Scheisse’s new bike plans which do not include riding, and the upcoming ABES jersey order. 
The deadline to order a jersey is March 29 - noon.  There are some of you who need to swing by ABES headquarters this weekend to try on the jersey and order the size you want.  Unless a lot of people request an ABES cycling hat, I will only order 10; if you want to guarantee that you get one, let me know, otherwise you takes your chances.


  1. Hey - I thought I came in 5th. I smell a rat!

  2. Sorry Dan, the rat you smell is probably your guilty conscience about the suspect voting discrepancies of TdR. Besides, this race does not play to your strength - if it were a 318 km race, you'd be on the ABEA podium for sure. JS