Sunday, March 6, 2011

ABES Winter Bike Festival photos

Just a few pics from yesterdays awesome Winter Bike Festival.  Thanks again to Jonny for doing the organizing, Eric for hosting the roller racing, and anyone who brought food and prizes.  I think we had plenty.


Bunny goodness, waiting for the beautiful union of meat and baked goods.

The prize table.

The slow racing competitors.

The roller racing venue.

Cindy and Cheryl get set to race with their adoring fans waiting.

Neck and neck...for the first 5 meters.

Cindy accepts her defeat with a smile...Cheryl revels in her victory by feeling ill.

Charles helps Paul W. strap in.

Eric does the same for Albert.

Nelson, Mia and William gaze in wonder as soon-to-be-crowned Champion Bruce powers through his race.

William watches his old man go head to head with Curt for the first 100.

Jonny does his best stumbly dismount as James mounts up to challenge Albert in the beer relay.

Jonny chugs as Albert readies himself.

Ben and Jonny cheer on their teammates in the relay.

James checks his progress as he races Shaun.

Shaun goes into Zen mode.

Eric keep a close eye on Shaun as Dan realizes he's overdressed for this event.

James dismounts as Gavin prepares for his leg of the relay.

Gavin v Dan in the relay.

Dan stares into his seemingly bottomless cup post ride.

The final leg of the relay - Bruce V Charles.

Bruce downed his beer so fast only blurry photographic proof could be obtained.

Bruce - individual roller Champ and Relay anchor leg Champion

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