Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

Paul, Albert, Curt, Charles, Shaun, David and I met to sample jersey sizes, ride bike and celebrate Saint Patrick.  The ride itself included treacherous sections of gnarled ice.  We met up with an ecstatic Ben Klassen who was beaming on his beautiful new cross bike that he picked up that day.  He is going to love that bike.  Albert was also riding a new bike - his 29'er mountain bike project is now complete.  This was built around the fork he won at Southern Cross.  Alberts untold plethora of bikes is enviable.  Some of us were ready to retire but Ben's enthusiasm to continue to ride could not be contained - until it was.  We met Duke at the clubhouse where minutes included: DB's trip to France which will include riding mount Ventoux (aka the finish line for stage 20 in the Tour de France - a 2000 meter climb over 22 k's) - he's rented a sweet carbon Scott CRI to help him to the top.  Good luck - I hate you (OK I don't hate you.  I'm jealous.  You're still a douche bag though - the douciest), we also discussed Hobo with a Shotgun, the sweetness of Chaz's 1973 mini, video game homework, super-mullet, a scientific/spiritual/ET discussion was bandied about, Paul volunteered to organize an alleycat/gravel road race that may or may not include scotch, we reminisced how pastor Ben outdrank Paul at the relay race, Tim chocking me in a hot tub, DSwat is the new zamboni man for the town of Altona, the Condredge Holloway documentary, and sexy/psycho ex-girlfriends.  Saskatchewan Chapter, Jeff Loeppky reports his desires for an ABES jersey while he drank "green Kilkennys and vodka all night"  Good times.  JS

Ben and his sweet new ride.  All he needs
now is a new ABES jersey to keep him safe. 
Time for a new ABES jersey.
Alberts new 29'er without the ABES jersey.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah - ABES jersey!

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