Monday, February 28, 2011

Designated Jerk

Yes.  This is what I've become.  I'm stooping to the lowest levels to chide a worthy rival.  Apparently its in my nature.  Who knew.

A brief meeting with an anonymous local cycling enthusiast left me with a designated task:  be a jerk.  Shame Dr. Huebner into appearing at this weekend's Altona Winter Bike Festival.  Degrade and defame his beloved Blue Devils in an attempt to goad him into appearing this weekend.  I was told its who I am, a designated jerk.

At this point I had to look deeper into my own being.  Is this truly who I am?  Someone who plays upon others emotions in attempts to sway their thoughts more in line with my own?  Is this psychological warfare deeply seeded in my psyche?  Am I a designated jerk?

I decided to take a stand.  Putting aside the wishes of others I've decided not to be that jerk.  I won't attempt to humiliate Dr. Huebner into appearing at our event.  Even if he's been here every time so far (I think).  Nor will I remind him of his Blue Devils shameful track record at the AWBF's of the past.  Let bygones be bygones.


  1. Blessed are the peace makers.

  2. That's is SO nice of you not to mention Duke's shameful record. You're (almost) better than that.
    Anonymous = jerk.

  3. Some are designated jerks, and some douche-bags. So it goes. His yoke is not easy, his burden is not light, I found it so, I found it so.