Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Ride Bike

Halleluia, January is over!  February is starting off with some reprieve in the weather for the first Thursday night ride.  I’ll take it, even if it will be short lived.  February also marks one of the best throw-down bike events in the 204 – Sloth Cross.  Keep the Saturday/Sunday of the Louis Riel weekend free because you should be in River City to ride and/or sloth for 24 hours of good times.  The ride takes us on trails, single track, the river and through the forks.  The sloth takes us to 24 hours of Clint Eastwood with a manditory Big Lebowski lap at midnight (‘ish).  There is also a Sal’s breakfast lap the next morning.
Locally in the 324, we will both ride and be slothful at the ThNR.  Meet at my place at 9:00.
FGBC Secretary/videographer/yarba enthusiast Darryl NB has documented every 24 hour winter ride.  Take a peek at what all the fuss is about...





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