Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

A good sized crowd, many wearing the unofficial ABES jacket (FXR) were out for a cold night ride.  James, Chaz, Dan, Albert, Tom, David, W, Shaun, Duke and I did a lap around town.  There were some icy roads that needed extra caution but it was the MEC parking lot that looked as if it had been zambonied.  Chaz, David and I all had the misfortune of falling at some point in the ride – Chaz got the worst of it as his crash included high speed and cement - he bounced back up like a trooper.  We concluded the night at the clubhouse where we were eventually joined by Franklin and Douche Bag.  DB’s rare appearance was the result of being publicly shamed  for being…well, a douche bag.  David took a collection so that the ABES could provide the Town of Altona public works crew with donuts for doing such a fine job of keeping our streets and pathways clear.  When David isn’t being surly, he can really be thoughtful.  Other minutes included: fondus, cowboys V aliens, gas powered washer attatchments (meat grinder, butter churn, etc), long hair and grad pictures, the Turtle Creek trails, Duke, V MP Candace Hoeppners assistant, marriage/sex/living together pros/cons, psycho roommate Dwight D, the superbowl/commercials, and the possibile accessories using buffalo hides.  Good times. 
Sheet of ice
Beard of ice
Myron about to welcome Franklin to ABES

The ABES Winter Bike Festival was also discussed.  It will take place Saturday, March 5 at The Exchange.  The gist of the afternoon will include: a group ride/knockdowns/slow races, chips, roller racing (sprints and team relay), chips, home-made/baked prizes, rink-dog potluck, followed by the Blue Devils V Tar Heels basketball game on the big screen, and chips.  Mark your calendars, invite your kith and kin and BYOB.  Costs and schedule to be announced.  JS


  1. I need to come clean on something. I cleared my cache a couple days ago and found that I could vote more than once on the poll. So today, naturally I voted a second time for The Green Death Alley Cat and had intended to continue to vote until I got bored of clearing and voting. However, it seems that I have to clear everything to do so and I don't feel like re-entering passwords and loosing my drop menu I did a couple days ago. Clearing the last hour doesn't work. So there should only be 2 for the Green Death. On the other hand Hell Frozen Over should have several more votes than it currently does. C'mon. A shooting range AND a knock down. *shakes fist at my nemesis Dan* To be fair the Tour de Rhineland was pretty awesome, with the dogs, ice cream, beer, vomit and all that.

  2. That's ok Shaun - you're ABES material.

    The Dyck brothers did an outstanding job with the HFO alleycat - it was a very clever effort indeed. The TdR was a unique race and that's why it stands out. It was also a very fun race - I puked in the race and still voted for it. We'll need to do that sort of gravel/TT race again. An ABES Spring Gravel Race perhaps. JS

  3. O Yee of weak conscience. A real down and dirty ABES would find a public computer that doesn't accept third party cookies and be pressing the vote button faster than a rat with his brain wired to stimulate the pleasure region with the push of a button.

  4. Getting something off your chest Dan? (Oh Yee of Seven votes...)

    I smell a rat...