Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

The ThNR report is long overdue.  I’ve been busy with family and friends this holiday commemorating the unjust killing of Louise Riel.  Yaaa!?  It’s sort of like Good Friday but without the chocolate.  As for our ride…The weather kept the “timid” ABES at home.  Hard-core riders Tom, Chaz, Albert and I enjoyed a fine ride.  The winds and blowing snow shut down most of the surrounding highways, but riding in Altona was good and surprisingly warm.  Steve made it to the clubhouse as did Thomas who had to drive 60km/h from Gretna to enjoy the jocularity.  The tunes were surprisingly good (Weezer, Zeppelin, the Hip) and the volume at peaceful levels.  Clubhouse Minutes included: the GI Joe jerkey maker (the manly equivelant of the easy bake oven), Bunge bowling, shootin shit, vintage snowmobiles, a John Wall died (we could not figure out which John Wall it was), the Maroons win lazily, Don Williams returns to the Peg, “score” the hockey musical, chubby chasers and track suits, Pukatawagan song (so bad its good – ala William Hungs “she bangs”), Brocket 99 – rockin the res, 10 year old Lady Gaga from Winnipeg, Albert drank 3 beers!, and Tom provided the table with the best beef jerkey I’ve ever had.  Good times. 

Tour de Rhineland wins the peoples choice as favorite alleycat race of the year.  It was a landslide victory - congratulations Dan!  David has suggested that the win was the result of rigged voting, but that’s probably the sour grapes talking.  We'll need to finalize the honors and responsibilities that come with winning the award shortly.

If you haven't seen this, check it out...

View the aftermath here...

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