Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday Night Ride Report

James, W (Pole Vaulter), Chaz, Albert, Shaun, Ben (remember Ben?) and I were NOT pansies.  We enjoyed our ride around town that included knockdowns at the original cage match site, the elmwood school bike park, surviving a slog over a field on a snowmobile trail, and finally back to the clubhouse where we were joined by Dan, the Duke and some delicious popcorn.  Clubhouse minutes included: Sloth Cross reports (A+), ice daming (F!), shoveling/tunneling snowdrifts, drinkable/internal frostbite, Dan is a cheater and a winner, Co-op beer, slam dunk contest creativity and props, the joy of being a Kuhl or a Funk and the strength required to be a Dyck, a secret bike society meeting may take place next week Thursday at BAC, ABES jerseys, wooden rims, rat bikes, floor hockey prayer club, the ABES V 55+ volleyball challenge, stop signs as yields, and the ABES Winter Bike Festival.  Good times. 

Are you happy now David?

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