Monday, July 20, 2009


The WhitesHELL ride/race did not go as planned. I was a part of a group riding the Ingolf trail that was flagging the course the day before the race. At the halfway point of the trail I noticed my front wheel wobbling when I braked. I stopped to check the tire when I saw the problem - the left side of my fork had snapped off the frame. I was forced to walk my bike the remaining 7 kilometers back to the car. I made it about 2 km's before the other side of the fork snapped off too. I strapped the wheel to my pack and walked my bike out. I do not recommend hiking in bike shoes. On the bright side, I now had a great excuse for not riding the enduro race (105 km's). The camping, company and weather was great. I brought my road bike and enjoyed a ride on the rolling roads instead. Go to the Fort Garry Bike Club for the full race report.
I was inspired (and discouraged) by an 8 year old kid who rocked the ingolf trail and the 50+ year old riders who were schooling me.

Anybody interested in riding the Birch Enduro race? We can enter teams so it would be more of a day of riding and hanging around bikes and friends. Birch trails are private and can usually only be ridden by Manitoba Cycling Association members. These trails were used for mountain bike races when Manitoba hosted the Pan Am games in 1999. It is is a great opportunity to sample some fun and challenging local trails. The date is set for August 16 (thanks Huebie). I'll post more information when it becomes available. JS