Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday night ride report

Great night for a ride in Rocktona. ABES riders included - Dan (sporting his sweet new cyclocross bike), DSwat (cruising on his newly aquired road bike), Myron (and his sweet racing hat), Albert, Albert Jr., Charles, Paul K, James and JS. There was a sprint on the new race strip - Jeaner and his tree trunk legs took the win over a spinny/fixed Paul K. Dan took us to the hill to test his new ride, and we became a bunch of looky-loo's at an abandoned grader on a country road. We were joined at the clubhouse by more ABES - Steve, Paul B, Lorne, and Tom made our table complete. Drinks, smokes and BS pervailed. Discussions included weekend rides, vacations, folk fest, logos, jerseys, MS/Bruce Penner fundraiser, and racist neighbours. David was promising a life changing alley cat race next week. The extra week of planning should guarantee an extra dose of awesomeness - I think Davey is going to plan a great race. Paul K is planning the August race and Tom agreed to plan the September race. Good times. JS

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