Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday night ride report

Delovely night for a ride. A small gathering of ABES managed to keep it real in Rocktona. El Pee was testing another potential new road ride. That guy loves collecting bikes. We sniffed out the usual roads and checked in on some of the ABE'S summer projects including Dukes garage, and James Doell's new acre lot of wildflowers. Post ride giggles at the clubhouse.

Time to vote. The finalists for the ABES logos have been whittled down to three great submissions. Cast your ballot for your favorite ABES logo. Voting is available in the side column. The finalists are...



  1. the middle one is my favourite. Pretty funny that these are all rip-offs of other logos (sort of anyway). As far as i can tell with little to no research: the top one is Pool Elevators logo, then John Deere, and the last one is similar to the Co-op logo.

  2. ahh crap I never saw the actual poll on the top..whups