Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Operacion Muerto ride this weekend

Chris Huebner continues his sadistic tendencies (aka operation muerto). His report...

This is what we at the FGBC call an off-the-grid race. It is unsanctioned, unsponsored, and unsupported. No bureaucracy. No commercial interests. No insurance. There is no entry fee. And there will be no prizes. It is all about the good times. And perhaps the not-so-good times. It's about pushing yourself. And being pushed. But the important point to emphasize here is that you will be entirely on your own. Bring whatever you think you will need to get yourself through the race. And maybe a bit more. We will pass through the campground at about the half-way point of the race. You can leave food, drinks, and supplies for yourself there. The course will also pass by several convenience stores where you can purchase more food and drink if necessary.

As for the course, it will begin at West Hawk Lake campground. It will head to Ingolf, probably on the road, and do a lap of the Ingolf trail. From there, it will head back to WHL and proceed via the Trans Canada Trail to Falcon Lake. It continues, via the road, around the lake to the Falcon Lake trails for more climbing and tricky stuff. Then we head back to WHL for the finish and post-race conviviality.

There will be a sizeable group of us are camping at the West Hawk Lake campground, section F. Some of us will even be there already on Friday night. I don't know if there are any more sites left. But the smart thing to do is book a site. The pre-race party on Saturday night promises to be a highlight of the weekend.

I'm (JS) bringing the family for the weekend but will only ride the first leg of the race. Fortunately, my sister is flying in from BC and we have family plans. Half a race will be enough suffering for me. It should be good times - the trails are great.

Look for upcoming details on an 8 hour race at Birch Hill in August. Before you roll your eyes, they have team events - ABES should submit a team or two. Looks like fun. JS

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