Friday, July 24, 2009

Dswat delivers...

David's oh canada! alleycat race was finally run and it was worth the wait. 10 ABES took part in a race that featured Canadian trivia, Canadian Idol singing Canadian songs, a honky-tonkin' country paintball ambush, and the usual scurrying about to complete the manifest. All prize money went to Bruce's MS fundraiser. That’s not to say there wasn’t shwag. If fact the shwag was deluxe. Dswat went the extra mile and delivered homemade ABES shirts featuring our newly elected logo. James Doell took home two shirts - the yellow jersey (shirt) for his first place finish and for his singing/dance moves of April Wine. Myron and Lorne took the DFL honors and Johnny S got a shirt because it has a picture of Pamela Anderson riding a bike on the back. Highlights/lowlights included - a Johnny S wipe-out, a thin-skinned Duker swearing in agony as he was pelted with paintballs, Charles taking a header as he negotiated his own country trail, Giles loosing a chain during his venture throught the paintball field, and Bruce, Shawn and Derrick not knowing where the finish line was. We eventually found our way to the ABES clubhouse for tea and dainties. Great race Daved. Photos are posted (yaa) but are in reverse (oh). JS

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  1. thanks to all ten of the brave ABES dudes who came out for the race thursday night! it was a pleasure to organize and a delight to witness. video clips will be forthcoming.