Monday, July 20, 2009

oh canada!

race day is only 3 sleeps away kids! here's a few things to remember for thursday:

1. bring a pen and a light. probably won't need a light, but might.

2. post-race festivities will begin at the finish line and then move on to the regular hangout for refreshments. if you feel confident in your abilities and feel as though there may be a significant gap between your astounding finishing time and that of the last place finishers you may choose to bring a beverage or two for consumption during that time.

3. there will be a vehicle available to transport any items needed from the start to the finish (i.e. aforementioned beverages, backpacks, ladies undergarments, etc.)

4. the race will commence at 9 PM SHARP!!! (or shortly thereafter)

as your race coordinator i hope you can all attend for what i believe will be a delightful evening of bicycling enthusiasm.




  1. I will be on the road to BC. Was very sad when the alley cat was postponed to this week.