Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday night ride report

14 ABES took to the street to spin their way around town. We were joined by BC ABE (Abbotsford Bike Enthusiast) Jerry Loeppky and longtime missing ABES Curt T and Mike G.

We started with a two lap sprint:
Bruce - 116.37
Charles - 119
Curt - 120.5
Albert - 121
Dan - 122
Giles - 123.68
James - 125
Patrick - 125.5
Jerry - 127.9
Lorne - 132
Mark - 133
Mike - 134
Myron and I did not race. I was still nursing my knee from last weeks crash - grr.

The Miss-and-out race top 5 were:
Mike - 1
Bruce - 2
Dan - 3
Charles - 4
Albert - 5

After a ride around town we found our way to the headquarters for my birthday dog/chip-fest. We were joined by Paul B and David S. Swatter had awoke from his nap too late to ride but just in time for the drinking and eating - classic. Jerry had a beautiful slow-motion crash - he forgot he was riding a fixed or that he had to clips - either way - hilarious. Thanks for helping me celebrate my 39 birthday boys. I'll be in BC for the next 2 weeks but will check in via our blog. JS


  1. Sorry I missed it.

    Happy B Day Broseffff.

    We'll have to celebrate later I guess.


  2. Rocksolutely. Have fun with your southern manitoba gigs. Try to keep Paul B from ruining his life with sex, drugs and rock n roll. We'll leave that to cousin Karl. JS

  3. Dude, you're getting old!

    Happy birthday, JS.