Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holy road ride

The Canada Day eve road ride saw Dan, Ben and me ride to Rosetown and back - a lovely night for a ride.  Last nights efforts meant Dan reached his goal of riding 1000 km's in the month of June.  Dan gets the workhorse award and a big ABE's ATTABOY.  Well done Dan.  Post ride chips at the HQ included Paul B, Steve and David.  Used/new bikes were discussed with XXL bikes selling for deals that are hard for any Menno to resist.
If anybody is interested in setting bike goals, check it out...Tour for Life - Arvid Loewen  Arvid is riding 457 km's a day for 23 consecutive days.  He also rode the Race Across America last year in 11 days.  He is not ABES material.  JS

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