Friday, November 30, 2012

ThNR Report

Tom, DB, Franklin, David, Gavin, Ike, PW, James, Charles, Josh, Steve and I were joined by the Morden Bike Club, which currently consists of Peter and Jason - welcome to ABES.  We cycled in the country for a big circle around town that included a flying V runway ride at the airport.  In typical ABES fashion the group broke apart but miraculously we all found our way to the clubhouse.  W were joined by Curt, Giles, Dan and Steven where minutes include: ironing Christmas money = crisp and classy, Chaz is finished his Plautdietsch Sherlock Holmes play, David recalled being beaten at a race by a kid on a BMX, Tom cleared $81 for the club at the Friday meat draw – huzzah, 24 hours of Falcon Ridge stories and 2013 preparations, Gentleman’s Race – July 28 – 160 km’s of gravel grinding goodness, Altona Winter Festival will include bike races this year – February 9 – Gavin to coordinate, End of the World Cross, Steven is nervous about his band playing at his work banquet – David will be there to “encourage” him, cross country ski orgies in the warm-up shack, Movember is mercifully over, Jazz legend Ed Bickert (born south of Winkler in Hochfeld, MB) had a birthday yesterday, and Grumpy’s chicken wings were delish.  Good times.  JS

DB sporting the stach-burns
Surprise!  It's the Pedi-preacher stache
I hate you guys
Charles with his Dr. John Watson Stache
Steve Harley'd up his stache
Tom stache suffered due to a shaving accident.
David Stachified him for good measure.

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