Friday, November 2, 2012

H & H Report

The Heaven and Hell Alleycat had racers vying for cash, glory and beer filled Crystal sister glasses.  Speed was key but penalties and bonuses were significant.  Bonuses were awarded for a clean upper lip (Albert shaved off his lifer-stach for a whopping 9 minute deduction), successfully carrying a raw egg for the duration of the race, eating the raw egg at the finish line, and correctly answering a list of questions that had people scurrying in and out of Altona.  The question most penalized was Name:___________,  when the adrenaline is pumping, details can be easily overlooked.  I was also surprised and impressed that most people ate the raw egg.  Clerks at Roadside and Co-ops proved to be helpfully directing racers, cars slowed down when lights shone from the graveyards, and Shaun forgot about the egg in his pocket and it blowed up real good.  Race times started when the first racer (Mike) handed in his manifest, but it was Steven who dug deep into the suitcase of courage to find his way to the winners circle with a total time of minus 20 seconds.  That’s really fast.  Gavin and Giles would have won but didn’t earn the 3 minute shaved lip deduction, and they cheated.

Final standings:
Steven –  -.20
Mike – 5:00
Franklin – 6:45
Albert – 8:22
James – 11:00
Paul – 14:55
Shaun – 17:22
Ike – 19:00 – DFL winner
Tom – DNF
Duke – DNS
Gavin and Giles - .40*

Duke hosted the post-race festivities in his garage and served up a platter of fantastic chicken wings.  We were joined by David and Paul B where meeting minutes include: Shaun reminded the clubhouse proprietors that ABES and Karaoke don't mix - the result is Karaoke will be moved to another night (Tuesday?), DB queried about winter cycling jersey interest and idears, the motor-bicycle is parked until it gets a new VIN # (Franklin 123), Paul Bergman is in Our Town (the diva also has his own trailer!), my sausage party costume was also my supper, Altona should use tractor tires for roundabouts, Merry Christmas Dad - F-off, Stevens Saab stories, Tom is making things happen for the ABES/Athena/Minor Soccer meat draw at Grumpy’s, DB’s pink panther costume at Costume  Cross was interesting but would have been better if he had worn the suit backwards, Paul B doesn’t want to peak too soon (or at all), I love you/your beer, 4th place = Canadian gold, Michael Jordan fell of a boat, alpha-Wang, HMS bounty sinks, South Village Poker Classic at Swaters – December 1, and Mike proved his clydesdalemanship by breaking his chair to everybody’s delight.  Good times.  JS

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