Friday, November 9, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, Steven, Gavin, Steve, Franklin, Shaun, DB, James, Dan and I sped around town.  The wind was gusty which made things fun/hard, especially on a fixie.  The group got separated briefly but regathered in the village where we found a playful DTwat who was flirting/harassing Swiebo.  After our final lap we made our way to the clubhouse where we were joined by Giles.  Minutes include: upside-down stop signs, JB welding my broken mountain bike frame, a tipsy brother-in-law with a broken leg and a double broken jaw, not knowing Peyton Manning V some poet dude, Franklin is going to be a terrible host and not race in his own race, recording The Office V The Voice, free weed, "how do you not get off?", impending snow!, ice fishers are F'd, Steven slap his employees, pedi-staches, Team MEC to present Farm X in December, mtb frame swaps, jackrabbit club, wool jerseys are awesome/expensive, it might be free but how much did it cost, and "I think I shit my pants".  Good times.

Farm X Coordinators
Karaoke replacement

From the desk of County X Coordinator, Franklin...

Directions to our House

From Altona:  

West on 201 to road 7 West (2 miles from west edge of town)
North on road 7W 3 miles to road 10 NW
West 1/2 mile to 7096 Rd 10 NW (yard on south side of road)

From Winnipeg:

South on Highway 75 to highway 14
West on Highway 14 to Road 7 West (3 miles past Rosenfeld)
South on road 7 W 3 miles to road 10 NW
West 1/2 mile to 7096 Rd 10 NW (yard on south side of road)

Most definitely use your mountain bike, not your cross bike.

Well, use a vehicle to get here, but once you are here, use your mountain bike.

Parking will be along the east row of trees inside the yard, watch for signs/paint in the snow?

See you Sunday!

Franklin and Bethany


  1. Sorry to ditch you guys - just wasn't workin' for me last night. I think I had to much left over pumpkin pie with old Nutriwhip. I didn't want to chance a JS style frothing if I added a beer to the mix.

  2. Ha! Too bad - we would've loved to have seen that. J