Sunday, November 11, 2012

Country Cross 2012 Report

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - farmy-family-fun, bikes, food, friends - what more could you want?  The Remple farm, mixed with some creativity made for a challenging course but the fresh snow made the course tough to keep upright and moving.  We raced (rode) over quick climbs, around and under trees, scrambling up a ditch, through a drift and down an ice road.  It was a slow but challenging race.  The kids raced a modified course and slugged through 2 tough kid laps.  Franklin decided to forgo the time-trial and let the seeding be self-regulating - a good call, especially since we knew hot-chocolate was waiting inside the wood-stove heated garage.  During the adult race, Gavin was on his way to victory until his crank got all wonky and wobbly.  He ditched his bike on the bell lap for Thomas' 24" kids mountain bike and still managed to take the silver.  Gavin's bad luck and DB's country training allowed Paul to take the win.  Michelle was the fastest woman and looked like she was loving it.  We all warmed up in a deluxe garage with a toasty fire, CHIPS, and a delicious supper.  Awards were burnt for the top 3 fastest men and women and a lit-up prize for the Lanterne Rouge.

Cheers and kudos to Franklin and Bethany for a tough course, a fun race, some mighty fine grub and a memorable country experience.  Well done team - that was awesome.

Thanks to anybody that took pictures with my camera...

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  1. Today William said he wants that man who pushed him on the swing to be his Dad. He gave really good pushes.