Friday, November 16, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, Tom, Curt, Albert, Ike, James, Dan, Gavin, David and Paul W joined me for a ride around town.  The conditions were icy and thoughts of slipping and slamming to the ground lurked.  Nobody fell but I still rode with clenched shoulders, preparing for the worst.  I hate that feeling.  It's such a relief to find clean pavement.  We spun about town and slogged around the pond before retiring to the clubhouse.  Steven, DB, and Paul B joined us for drinks and games.  Franklin thought crokinole would be fun to play, mostly because it is fun to play.  Minutes include: wool jerseys make great Christmas gifts, crokinole rules based on church affiliation, smoked tenderloin from the hudderites, pastor Dan cheats, when did Mennonites start using coconut?, Ike has 6 weeks until it's baby time, PB is going to see Lobos, Sadie and Young, Country Cross goodness was appreciated, shopping for bike bits, Gavin wants cribbage night, Franklin destroyed the competition with his delicate hands, winter weekend gravel rides, slaughtering pigs and weddings, everyone hates a winner, and I still have to tell people I’m growing a mustache. Good times.

Does anybody want to go for a road or country ride on Sunday?  JS


  1. Sunday morning might work. Probably earlier. Probably gravel. Them's my druthers.

  2. I rode by the clubhouse at 12:45 on my way home from work....where were you guys??

    Any chance we could do that Sunday morning ride in the afternoon?

  3. Family matters have arisen (like the Lord) and my prospects for Sunday ride have been harrowed down to nothing. Afraid I'm out.

  4. Sunday afternoon sounds nice. Let me know when. JS