Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Country X 2012

From the desk of Franklin...

Hey all, I rode the course yesterday on my mountain bike and it worked pretty well (10 minute lap).  Here's hoping it snows more before the weekend, just to make it that much more beautiful out here in the country.  The track itself will be relatively snow-free, so don't even worry about that.  The start finish area is somewhat narrow, so in order to make this event flow well, racers will be seeded in the order that they qualify during the qualification session.  Qualifying will be explained at the yard on Sunday.  
Due to the addition of a kids race and qualifying and the early darkness, the schedule of the day now looks like this:

Sunday, November 11:
Pre-riding anytime after 1:00
Kids race (modified course) 2:30
Qualifying 3:00
Adult Race 3:30
Supper 5:00 (Beef, mashed potatoes, veggies and dessert)

Bonfire: all afternoon, hot chocolate, etc.

RSVP Franklin if you want to get in on the good times. 

Thanks Franklin.  We heart you.

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