Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Night Cross Lab and Ride

Cross Lab - show up and practice if you want to.  I'll be at home not being outside.

ThNR - a motion was made to move all future ThNRs to 8:00.  The motion passed - effective today.  The time of upcoming Thursday Night Rides will be 8:00.  I'll see you at 8:00 for the ThNR.  I'm looking at the pastors - you got it right?  8:00.

I vote for a short ride, maybe the shortest ride possible.


  1. Here Here! I believe an immediate adjournment to reflect copiously on all matters of interest is our best course of action.

  2. I recommend riding straight to the that the shortest ride possible?

  3. It is JD and we will. Hardcore keeners like Albert may disagree, but they can join us when they're done toughing it out.