Friday, October 26, 2012

ThNR Report

Steven, Shaun, Gavin, James, Tom, PW, Franklin, Mike, Duke and I met for a bike ride and some giggles.  We cycled around for a while.  My camera dropped on the road and was nearly run over by two semis.  We regathered in the village.  Then it snowed and we biked to get hydrated.  It was a fine ride.  Rev. Dan joined us briefly at the clubhouse to unwind after his last ever fall concert at WC Miller.  Minutes include: James was encouraged to blog about his Fall Supper Tour and include a helmet-cam to capture the buffet and awkward line-up conversations, drainage in Altona options – Build last V Come and get me, PW and Tam provide bags of the best homemade jerky I’ve ever had: beef, pork and venison - delish, Mike is not re-shingling ABES headquarters and is moving on to greener pastures - maybe I’ll hire the summer teacher crew - A+ Roofing, Halloween V Fall Festival = devil candy V wholesome candy, creeper David has some hot-cross-balls, Karaoke on Thursday night is bunk, everybody wants an alleycat race but…, LieStrong still won because he beat all the other cheaters, cross-bikes for kids, parking trailers in tight spots (twss), Myron noted that the best thing about comb-overs is that nobody notices, Curt has jumped the Friesens ship and landed on the Zacharias Electric train, tattoo stubble hairlines, future pathways in/out of Altona, Albert drove back from Moab for choir practice – then drove back for more biking, Franklin is sniffing out a new bike and plans to get a race license next year – double sweet, how do you politely and cleverly say “mind your own bloody business!”?, and it was agreed that ABES participate in the Movember challenge – a cleanly shaved lip is required next week if you want to get in on the hairy funtest.

Curt at BAC helps a brother with a late night repair
My Opus loved the rubber mallet TLC
Next Week I'm organizing the Heaven and Hell Alleycat.  5 bucks and a pen is all you need.  JS

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