Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Southern Cross Report

What a beautiful day for a cross race!  221 223 racers got together to suffer, smile and get muddy at our humble Southern Cross and everything seemed to come up roses.  Minutes from the big day include:  Sandra D and the registration angels made the waiver/reg process such a pain-free experience that Colin didn't swear once - not an easy task, 42 Open racers and 79 kids raced = wicked awesome, the incredible set-up and clean-up crew kicked ass, fans cheering and giving the racers a lot of love was a beautiful thing, race announcer Steve Scoles adding a new and exciting dimension for racers and fans while braving his fear of heights and personalizing our race with The Pioneer Meat Grinder - the A race as The Sunflower Rush Hour - and the mis-named Johnny S Six-Pack (does 6-pack = keg?), The kids bike as a prize was a nice draw, the supportive businesses were appreciated, the mud pit worked out much better than we imagined, the course layout was challenging, creative and received rave reviews, Saskatchewan ABES chapter Ian Loepky enjoyed his first bike race ever, David Unger raced with one pedal - shitty yet inspirational, Willow Ringer racing on her pushbike and wearing a tutu was as cute as it gets, beer coupons were appreciated, watching people bunny-hop barriers is super cool, James Doell fixing Brads truck = beard buddies, SC miracle: having an unprecedented 221 223 racers and NOT running out of food, Pioneer Meat printed the ABES logo on the sausage links packages - nice touch Scott, donating baskets of food to the local food bank is good m'kay, BAC tweaking bikes before the races was an unexpected treat, Shaun smoking as he rode with the kids race made me howl, David Coughlin chugging his vase of beer made everybody at the ACC cheer, and Tom's post race party cheeseburgers were brilliant.  Good times everybody.  

Albert took these...

A boatload of mud splattered, gritty and pained pictures have popping up around the interwebs.  Check these sites for more SC memories...
Wookcock Cycle

Mark Reimer

And an online news report thanks to Pembina Valley Online

We should do that again next year.


  1. I just bought the 2013 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary and under the term 'goodness', they had e.g. 2012 Southern Cross.

    Great job guys -- the event was like sooooooo awesome!

  2. Thanks Steve. I've had a lot of positive comments about your announcing. People loved it.
    I still owe you some Southern Cross Sausage. Will you be at the race this weekend? JS

  3. Yes, I'll be at Cross-tastic