Friday, October 19, 2012

ThNR Report

Ben, Duke, Franklin, Dan, and James thought it was a good idea to bike in the rain and 60 km/h winds and found the fortitude to ride one soggy lap around town.  David, Tom, Steve and I did not find fortitude but we did find comfort in our warm and dry socks.  After the split, we reconvened at the clubhouse where the fail of the night started and ended with karaoke.  Bad music is manageable if the volume is low enough to visit, but the volume was loud and the singing ranged from bearable to terrible so we took refuge in our alternative clubhouse – Duke’s garage.  Minutes include: cardboard bikes, Tom shared a couple of bags of jerky and promised to deliver his homemade variety once he pounds his meat, I was contacted by the MCA this week and was asked to return my award for Manitoba’s Best Male Cyclist – congratulations J/Don Sawatzky, James was celebrating his birthday and was pleased that his beloved Tigers swept his hated Yankees, in 2007 SC had the biggest cyclocross race with 58 racers, "This song is dedicated to the binders of ladies", Dan got rid of 5 bikes this year, y'all should RSVP Franklin if you want to attend his mountain-cross race and supper on November 11 – everybody is invited, Elliot auditions for ET, SRAM has the (zombie) double-tap, SC makes the front page in The Echo, Tom stayed for a Bud, Pukatawagon stylings: Cotton-eyed Joe, Altoooona, and Porky Pig, Low German words to Enter Sandman and the theme songs to Spiderman and The Beverly Hillbillies, the War of 1812 song, Julia was riding the Surly Cross-Chuck at SC, I was called an uber-biker on CFAM and Johnny Slowatsky by my “friends”.  Good times.   

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  1. Check out the drainage in that garage!

    And regarding Southern Cross - Fuckyeah. Just Fuckyeah.