Monday, October 22, 2012

Albert Falk - Provincial Cyclocross Champion!

The Provincial cyclocross championships were held yesterday and the course was the best it’s ever been at “historic Whittier Park” (Steve Scoles).  Here’s how the locals fared:  Albert Falk won the gold medal (for his age group) – we heart you Albert, Sweet Cheryl Koop raced to a bronze, Genevieve won the Open race, Gavin put on an impressive show and finished just off the podium in the one-hour race, Lisa showed that training and a good diet actually make a difference (stupid training and diet - you suck), Dan looked strong in the Open race and may have caught the Cross-bug, David took a leisurely approach and was Athena-slapped by Cindy, Joanne and Sandra, Steven had a good race with David Unger but ran out of gas, DB continues to get stronger after he figured out how to not pass-out at races, Mia and Kate finished strong and were mostly smiling, and Thomas has been getting better every race and finished first in the kids race – woo-hoo!  I on the other hand could nary finish a lap.  Of my three races at Whitter, I have crashed once and broken my derraileur twices.  Sheesh!  I need to fire my mechanic. 

Cheryl took these pics before our camera died.  The rest can be found at the usual sites.
Kate impressed me by getting out of her saddle and pushing hard
Pre-race jitters?
Kate did great  
Thomas races past Mia

Sandra enjoying the weather

Lisa and Joanne

Anita and Cindy
David and Dan
There were also top-notch dogs and condiments - seriously tasty.  Thanks for the good times FOG.


  1. All my pics are posted on FB here, enjoy.