Friday, October 5, 2012

ThNR Report

It was a dark and stormy night.  Some thought it was a good idea to cycle, others knew it was a terrible idea.  Everybody did what they wanted and everybody was happy, except for pastor Dan who didn’t read the blog, showed up late and rode alone in the rain.  Poor, poor Dan.  The keeners were Steven, Gavin, Curt and Albert.  The sensible crowd was James, David, Shaun, Duke and myself.  We were eventually joined at the clubhouse by the keeners and soggy Dan where minutes include: the weather better get better, Shaun has sweet new Easton wheels, Paul B’s trailer is like sleeping on a ship, Athena Dyck wraps, the new ABES bank account, old-school threat: I’m going to sell you kids to the Indians, Altona CU Money-pit and the Rosenort CU Sky lift, Shaun is anti other-people, Dan misses the Manitoba Moose (the non-alcoholic beer of hockey), James wore a plastic bag to keep the rain off his head - which is cheap and effective - just like James, Young and foolish is eventually replaced with Old and stupid, Gavin had 4 wisdom teeth pulled out for $80 and a bottle of rye, and Paul Krahn reports on his Menno Cross incident on his blog – Douchious Maximus.  Good times.  JS

Wet, cold and loving it?
James taking care of his jerri curls

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