Friday, October 12, 2012

ThNR Report and SC News

James, Curt, Mike, Shaun, Gavin, Franklin, Steve, Steven, Duke and I rode a race pace around town.  People are definitely getting faster and I am slowing down.  I hate you guys.  People dropped off until only Franklin and Gavin remained; did I mention I hate you guys.  We met at the clubhouse where I cooled down and we were joined by Tom, Jeff and Albert.  Minutes included: Catchy tunes, Frank’s hot-sauce on our popcorn was a tasty treat, $70,000 hipster bikes, Tom likes the idea of camouflage barriers, this time Joey is not OK, Albert was suckered by Dan to attend a fundraiser, Franklin is eyeing a new cross bike, unique school cancellation – sniper day, the Jonathan Toews commercial, Mike is going to re-shingle ABES headquarters, and I sold Grey Cup raffle tickets that were AGAINST (not for) kids with cancer.  Good times.

Is Steve ready for Southern Cross?  Word.
The Southern Cross weekend is finally here and I’m sounding the siren to mobilize the ABES army.  Meet at the park Saturday morning at 9:00 to start marking the course.  The more the merrier.  

The Southern Cross hype machine has been busy whirring away and includes an article in The Echo, a CFAM interview, 1000+ school flyers, SWiebo's posters, and signage at the Civic Centre and Canadian Lumber. 

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!
Dwight loves cycling but hates spelling.
We still appreciate the props.
Early (cheap) registration closes on Saturday at midnight so get to it and pre-register here!

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