Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thursday Night Ride report

Tom, Duker, Steve W., Wolters, Ike, James and Uncle Shiese did some riding Thursday night.  Steve B. and I joined them later.  Duker designated it "the best ride ever".  For what reasons we're unsure but according to the riders Jasper-Banff had nothing on this baby!

I also rode but was a bit behind the main pack and never found them.  My absence from the main ride was due to the fact I was busy jerkin' at home.  Had to bring some jerky for the Jerk Master to critique.

Topics included (but were not limited too): Tom says a bit thicker is better for jerkin', cheapest hotel ever = The Best Value Inn in Portage, Indiana, Dan's paranoia re: intestinal disease and the possibility of his lynching in AB, pyramids make razor blades sharper, dream cars, Steve W. was inspired enough by the St. Malo triathlon to not attempt one, and next weeks Jerk-Off will be less competition and more of a celebration of Jerkin' in general.


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