Monday, July 9, 2012

Road Trip 2012 Report

The best part of the ride for me was not the challenge of the experience (I knew we all be able to finish) but simply the opportunity to able to cycle with a group of good dudes for a week, while camping, with support vehicles, in one of the most spectacular stretches of highway in the world.  I was sad to miss what was dubbed the best Thursday night ride ever, but one can't have everything.

Highlights of the road trip included:
- Seeing wildlife in a way that never caused Dan to use his ever present pepper spray
- Walter, Chaz and Jeff were the breakfast chefs from heaven (deep fried bacon!)
- Day 3 - sunshine, downhill, parkway to Banff and the Irish pub celebration
- Dan not crashing, causing a crash or pooping his pants
- Bruce was the top downhill speeder at 77.8 km/hr.  Walter was ready to start smoking after his high speed wobble descent.  Most of us were able to get to 70'ish
- Stunning scenery around every corner that did not include vast expanses of prairie

- Bruce putting messages on the road using Dans unappreciated carrot sticks
- Bruce getting chewed out by the conservation officer for luring animals to the road using Dans unappreciated carrot sticks
- Zipping up and down campground paths through the woods
- Charles took enough photos/video to produce a flip book of our entire week
- Bareback Walter and his propane flames of fury
- Shauns shower bag
- Jeff cycling stronger than ever, Vern cycling longer than ever, Shaun smoking stronger and longer than ever
- Dan blaming/yelling at people for things he did - Who did this!?!  You did Dan!  Oh.
- Cycling up and down the highest paved road in Canada - and passing/yelling/cheering hundreds of cyclist going in the opposite direction on the Grand Fondo Highroad Pass ride/race
- Ben and I tied for the dubious honour of most flats on the trip - 5 each
- A cold beer at the end of a day of riding - so good

A few photos...

For a trucker, Alberts directions are suspect
Walter taking a break on the climb to the ice field
Dan enjoying the view
Ben about to enjoy a double sausage burger
Attempting to dry clothes in the trailer
Photo opportunity
Vern stops for repairs - unscheduled breaks were always appreciated
We don't have these in Altona

I want to thank Ben "big ideas/not details" Klassen for getting the ball rolling on this trip, our families that allowed us to act and feel like kids and the road trip crew for making this experience top-notch.  I think this trip exceeded all of our expectations.

Sharing a road trip experience like this brings you together like a family - which is to say I have grown to appreciate and loathe this group of gentlemen like never before.  I look forward to our next trip.  Great times.  JS


  1. As one of those "left behind" family are welcome! Charles had a blast and yes, he does have a lot of pictures...LOL!! WE're making a book...stay tuned!!

  2. That was a most excellent adventure and I look forward to the sequel!

  3. Ah Johnny you are now my best friend for life! You relaying the part of the story where Dan yells who did this only to be told "you did" is near and dear to my heart. I now have prof.

    Thanks TPW