Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A momentary digression from cycling...

We're all cyclists (or at least most of "us" consider ourselves cyclists).  And Altona is at the beginning of a long road towards a major goal:  building a skate/bike park.  Chances are most of "us" will never ride on this park.  Concrete obstacles are usually things we avoid on our kinds of rides.  But for the youth of this community it would be a Mecca.  A place to hang out and indulge in what have long been considered fringe sports.  These aren't your baseball's or hockey's.  No coaches making you do drills or parents yelling instructions from the stands.  Just the simple joy of a board or a bike and you. 

If you've ever doubted the beauty or athleticism of skaters take seven minutes of your day and watch this amazing film.  Watching it made we long for this park to happen so I can go out and get my kids some boards...


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