Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Say Whaaat!?!

The good folks at FGBC and RRR (the racing division is hereby called Dark Red Racing) are putting on a Team Time Trial race at Birds Hill Park tomorrow and the Athena bike club will be there racing.  I’ll say that again – the Athena bike club will be there RACING!  Cindy, Lisa, sweet Cheryl Koop and her Dark Side sister Charlene will rip off laps at BHP.  Cool.  It should be a good race if the Dark and Red side have anything to do with it.  ABES will race as well – someday.  I’ll be busy enjoying a steak dinner and my one round of golf a year, but I’m still a tad envious.  Good luck ladies – have fun! 

I went for a lovely bike ride last night and wished I had brought my camera to take the following pictures…
-          A sprayer plane taking off and landing at the airport - golden wheat fields in the background and the motocross course in the foreground
-          Steve B polishing/prepping his new Harley for a 2.5 week road trip to the left coast.  The bike was showroom purty and Steve was bareback ugly
-          Some dude on a BMX getting sweet height jumping over the train tracks – beautiful sunset lighting and he was holding a cigarette
-          Schiesse wondering why his employers are sending him on a work-trip to Tel Aviv this week.  Schiesse was not bareback

In lieu of my pictures, please enjoy these cyclocross beauts instead...

Good times.  JS


  1. Cross is boss. Dallas knows.

    Cousin Thomas told me he is going to give ass crack ups at our Halloween race. You don't want to miss out on that.

  2. I would love that! He'd be the trick AND the treat.

  3. And Dallas is right about cross. It's totally boss! Man.