Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ThNR Dilemma

Soooo...the Bomber game is on during the ThNR. Here are some options:

A - Forget the Bomber game and ride like we usually do – we can always watch the end of the game at the clubhouse
B - Forget the ride and watch the Bombers kick some Eskie ass
C - Watch the 1st half at my place, enjoy a half-time ride then retire to my place or the clubhouse for the 2nd half.  (My TV is lame but my wife left me with the kids so I have the room (it's not as bad as it sounds).  
D - Listen to the game on CJOB on somebody's portable interwebs device
E - Bike to the Bomber game
F - Other idears?

Post your preference.  

Bach'ing it this week has allowed me to enjoy some evening bike rides.  This time I brought my camera.  Here's what I saw...

Charles and Jenn were out with Austin on their driveway bike park 
Athena Bike Club members prepare to ride
Virginia and cycling racer Cindy enjoying a backyard garden tour
Late, late, late night supper:
Pork tenderloin, sauteed mushrooms and onions,
fig and goat cheese puff pastry blooms
and a glass of red wine


  1. Don't get use to your new single life buddy!!! Friday it's back to family life again!!! Nice to see 4 Athena members out on Tuesday by the way.

  2. The next time Cheryl is away I think we should end our ride at the Sawatsky home, where Johnny will serve us pork tenderloin, sauteed mushroom and onions, fig and goat cheese puff pastry blooms and a glass of red wine!

  3. I guess that second pic makes it official...Shaun is switching teams. It's been great riding with you buddy! Enjoy your Tuesday rides with your new Athena gal pals!

  4. Shunned by some in Athena because of my ABESness and excommunicated by others because I might be a fellow traveller with the Athena?! I thought the majority of Menno sects moved beyond such foolish practices. Bikes not bombs, bikes without borders and all that. In fact, it was indeed a lovely ride.

    How about we take option C&D. I can put my super phone in my back jersey pocket for the half time show and you can focus on my butt for the duration. It should be clear that I'm built as an ABE.

  5. New development. I've scored 4 tickets to Thursday's Bomber game so I won't be riding or watching on TV. Neither will Jonny, Duker or D-Shaun as they'll be joining me...

  6. should be the best Abes ride ever!