Friday, July 13, 2012

ThNR Report

Bruce, Chaz, James, DB, Shaun, Steve, Steven, Gavin, Albert, Franz-man, James, Ike, Tom, Paul W, Shiesse and I arrived at the clubhouse.  Most of us peddled to Gretna to check out the new grass track for the Hot Spot Festival.  It is sweet.  We raced awhile before returning to our beloved clubhouse.  Some of the less enthusiastic enthusiasts kept their cycling local, stopping for refreshments on Paul W’s deck – eventually, Paul W found out what was happening and joined them as well.  David joined us at the clubhouse where the celebrations were delicious thanks to a bounty of jerked meat provided by Tom, Paul W, David and Albert.  8 different flavored jerked meats were enjoyed and all concluded with happy endings.  Minutes included: Rad Trip 2012 memories, Gretna Grass Track Races – July 21, Gavin crashed hard at Lake Minnewasta - thank you helmet, David crashed at Moto Park 10 and now has an infection in his elbow (dirty boy), the OCC/ABES Provincial Time Trial will be coming to our corner of the prairies – August 5, 24 hours of camping/biking is this weekend – David has dubbed our team: Double A (Defending Champs) – either because we’re ABES and Athena, or we’re powered by small batteries, or we need more time to develop in the minors – either way “Defending Champs” will likely not be in our title next year, Paul and Marguerite are going to Otter Tails County for a week of cycling and purging, the ABES hippies reviewed the Winnipeg Folk Fest goodness, the high/lowlights of the Tour de France crashes and sprints, the challenges of peeing with bibs (while biking?), nipple chafing, and the Sunflower Festival royalty as podium girls.  Good times.  JS
Gretna bound

Not racing is fun too

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