Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

The snow has arrived and it is good.  Curt, James, Paul W (not W), and I took to the streets, paths, hill, fields and through the trees to ride.  We were all getting reaquainted to the feeling of turning on ice (squeeze you A as tightly as possible) and plowing/swerving through the snow (just give’r).    The off camber paths on the hill were impossible but we tried anyway.  I also forgot how riding bike through a layer of snow can be so quiet – its extra peaceful.  We all overdressed for the ride.  It seems we remembered the frozen toes, fingers and ears from the coldest rides of past winters forgetting that -7 on a bike is not as cold as we feared.  Duke, David and Scheisse joined us at the clubhouse where minutes included: the streaky Toronto Maple Leafs, the innaugural Southern Village Invitational Poker Tournemant, Ron’s Autobody is broke, Doug and the Slugs, Tom is preparing to ride bike in winter (preperation time may take all winter), why taking (and sending) pictures of your wiener is a bad idea, Friesens Corp no longer shares, hookers and blow in Minnie, check-stop scares (twBs), DSwat’s tiny bag (twss) and his deluxe chip buffet.  We miss the ABEs who have been preparing for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - November 25-27 at Buhler Hall – do you say break a leg to a thespian biker?  The bike shop is open every Wednesday from 1:00 – 4:00 but Curt offered to bring his keys to the Thursday night rides in case anybody needs a little something something.  Good times.  JS

Curt rides the cross course 
Loving it 
Chain issues for James
Paul Wolters rides up to WC Miller
Salty goodness
The Costanza Wallet
and he has a van