Monday, November 29, 2010


The folks at the O.C.C. did a fine job with the last cross race of the season.  The snow, course, race and clubhouse were good fun and everybody there loved it.  It concluded an incredible year of crossy goodness.  The highlights of my first official year of cross include:  Ian lending me his bike for the last laps at Wildwood due to a broken seatpost, the mud, mess and faspa at Menno cross, the getter-done attitude to make the race happen at La Barrier, the cliff and sand at St. Malo, cheering/heckling on the Southern cross hill, the pain/fun at Harbour cross, heckling at provincials (watching Tomek use his bmx skillz), and the snow and reverse starting order of supercross.  Lowlight – breaking my deraileur on the first lap at La Barrier – such is life.  The people and the attitude in this scene are awesome.  Race days were always fun.  Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers and officials that made these races happen.  I know it takes a lot of planning and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication to make the season so successful.  JS
Part smile, part grimace, part jeaner
The chicken dance run-up
Photos from here.

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