Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembrance Day Ride Report

It was a great afternoon of riding bike, goofing in the bike shop, drinking pops, eating dogs and hanging with some homies.  It was nice to see Gavin ride again riding his new steed with even newer slick road tires.  He's been doing his best to sleep and survive since lil' Henry joined his life - hang in there.  Dan's pre-ride flat prevented him from joining us at ABES headquarters.  We found him.  His second flat of the day was an opportunity for Curt to show off the bike shop.  During our ride we also tried to inspire/taunt DTwat and Tom out for a ride but were unsuccessful.  We toured the town as we usually do and after all was said and done retired for some dogs.  Paul provided me with a Provincial Champion sized prize.  Thank Paul.  Good times.  JS

Thomas enjoying a sock pop
Dan trying to pump it up at Tom's tree
Walking back to the bike shop
Paul Wotson
Thomas looks through the honesty window

ABES rims?

Pre-dog appetizers 
Podium Girl and prizes

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  1. WTF - I look like a circus clown in that jacket - is it really that orange and my pants that blue or did you adjust the colour.