Monday, November 1, 2010

The Crash and Burn Alley Cat Report

David Suave is back

DFL prizes

Easy money

Rick Braun Jr.

We are so funny

The knight that say ni

This report is long overdue.  Maybe I’m still coming to grips of my poor reading comprehension skills which inevitably hurt me (racing or otherwise).  I wasn’t the only one who reads what instead of when during a race.  Broken electronics?  No – 9-5.   Crap.  James let us revisit the ABES and his childhood bicycle crash sites throughout town.  It was a fun race that was void of accidents/time bonuses, or the need to call EMS/automatic win, with a blind poker hand to add to the mix.  Steve’s tire was still hissing when he limped into the clubhouse but a flat tire earned no race bonus – only the opportunity to walk his bike home.  David, who made his first return since The Crash, won the the -5 minute time bonus with the best poker hand – a pair of aces.  Paul W had three-of-a-kind but was swiftly DQ’d by James for not following instructions (reading/listening skills are hard).  We were joined by more ABES at the Clubhouse where the minutes included: church talk, Paul B is interviewing for jobs in Alberta, Schiesse looking for a new cross bike, Tom finally got his bike seat, exploding derailleurs, winter riding, the UFC heavyweight fight, the trials of moving a business, the civic erections, and David was wearing the shirt he got when he won a thousand bucks and blew out his knee on his birthday.  Good times.  JS  

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