Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

Thomas, Steve, Paul W, Tom, Mike, Curt and I went for a ride that started slowly and ended quickly.  We never made it to the mini track.  We barely made it anywhere - we'll rectify that next week.  Thomas had a flat in the village and we were all unprepared.  We went to Dswats for assistance but he was no help either.  I biked back to get Thomas’s sweet new car (still under 6000 km’s) and repair supplies but by the time I returned the call was made to retire to the clubhouse.  David, James and Paul joined us at the clubhouse where minutes include: breakfast for supper, Dswats bicycle/curling back issues, the limited popcorn supply, Red/Tigers manager Sparky Anderson RIP, fake cancer patients, giving away lottery winnings, the guitar pick punch, Steve’s sweet new purchase: a 2003 Ski-Doo MXZ 800 Renegade, Movember, Sam Elliot, Richard is bringing Wok Chop Suey back to town, sesame chicken BS, David won and is selling a new portable air-conditioner - 12,000 BTU -  “interesting trades considered”, and Paul B is as flakey as a french pastry.  Good times. 

Early Movember
NoMovember - yet
So good.  So bad.
Next week’s Thursday Night Ride will be in the afternoon of the Remembrance Day legislated non-working day.  JS


  1. Novembrance days is also the same day as a Rundfahrt provided by the doctor himself in Winnipeg... anyone interested in heading out?

  2. I like that Fahrt is in the title and I'm sure it will be fun but I think I'll stay closer to home that day. JS