Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday Night Ride Report

David, Paul W, Steve, Albert and I went on a nice tear on the streets and though the drifts around town.  The weather varied between lovely and freeze-your-face-off depending on the direction of the ride.  Albert had a nice wipe-out trying to navigate a corner at the park.  He also showed us the benefits of a squishy bike as he rode over a snow covered curb in a parking lot as if nothing was there.  When we retired to the clubhouse, our server turned the music down to conversation level.  She knows.  Minutes included: Lorne Hildebrand with long, wispy hair, we tallied the number of bikes we owned but had a tough time getting Albert to finalize a number, the grand re-opening of the liquor store, winter clothing options, volunteering at the Scotties, chicken fat injections for arthritis, drinking and snoring, ABES pool/pizza party, memories of the old curling club, 4 out of 5 ABES were sporting staches – 2 as a lifestyle choice and 2 to support prostate cancer (I’m against prostate cancer so I did not grow a stache), Paul DB B  and his yoga night (read: strippers and meat buffet.  Paul W is the only non-DB Paul remaining), sleep apnea machines, Micheal Jackson, the Cirque du soleil Beatles show (not Love), the Grey cup bet, David wants to retire and buy an RV, and Steve’s still looking for a big rack to mount.  Good times. 

No photos this week - Bill Murray related art work instead.

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