Monday, November 1, 2010

Cross Slapped

I find that I’ll suffer while I race and love it tenfold when it’s done.  I’m still waiting for the love to kick in after Halloween at the Harbour.  RRR put on a great race and did a fantastic job of demoralizing me – well done gentlemen.  I liked the pumpkin barrier and whoop option.  I saw Brad almost loose it during a warm up lap and decided to opt with pumpkin route.  The climbing and the soggy ground slayed me.  On my last lap during the long climb to the top of the hill, my crank arm decided to fall off, but with a little help/heckling from my friends, I managed to cross the finish line.  Charles took the fastest ABES title and Ben had the best ABES costume.  Heubner was powered by the Blue Devil and raced out of his mind to win the A race by 2 minutes – very impressive – I’m sure he’ll miss his soul that he apparently sold.  Brad’s costume of Heubner (Darth Vadar) was awesome as was Kevin’s gorilla suit (classic); a pretty cricket, a couple of cowbells, the Butter Dude and the clowns riding the tandem bike were a few of my other favorites.  Charles has pictures that we may see (?) but more can be found around the interwebs highways if you’re curious.  JS

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  1. I'm glad to hear that the race wasen't just super soul sucking for me.

    way to go brosef.